Alvaro's Big Appearance

D: Oliver Rauch
P: SUR Films, KI.KA,
supported by nordmedia
2006 · L: 25 min.
Childrens Documentary

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11-year-old Alvaro comes from El Alto in Bolivia, an area that is nearly 4,000 meters high. He is visiting Germany with his children's theater troupe "Tronitos". The film shows where Alvaro comes from. How he and the other members of the troupe prepare for the trip, how his family supports him in this and what his stay is like with 11-year-old Marie and her family. On stage and in the host families Alvaro primarily has to communicate with the means he has learned through acting in the theatre - with gestures and pantomime. Coming to terms with everyday life in another country is an exciting and intense experiment for both sides.