Century of the Wind

D: Fernando Birri ยท A: Eduardo Galeano
P: SUR Films in Coprod. with ARTE, TVE, Cine Ojo ( Arg. ), Cinemateca Uruguaya, CREA Audiovision
1999 · L: 90 min
Documentary Film

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DVD German & French version: Absolut Medien

World Premiere: Berlin International Filmfestival
The world-famous Uruguayan writer and essayist, Eduardo Galeano, provided the basis for the film with his book of the same name. In the New York Times Ronald Christ calles the book "A kind of Bible".
In the manner of "an electroshock", the film shows a new vision of American history from the beginning to the end of this century. A puppet theatre designed especially for this film by Walter Tournier is, so to speak, the dramaturgical thread. History and stories of the entire American continent are told, interwoven with legends, unique historical documents and genre pictures.