Kill Them All

D: Esteban Schroeder
P: Esteban Schroeder y asociados, Parox, SUR Films, Guazú Media, Morocha Films
2008 · L: 97 min
Feature Film

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Sales: contact SUR Films

When democracy starts to impose itself over the weakened Latin American dictatorships, a man flees through the forest of a Uruguayan seaside resort. He is from Chile and hides at a police station of the town. He desperately denounces that he has been kidnapped, that they want to kill him and that he is called Berríos.

The denunciation reaches Judge SANTACRUZ, who asks his assistant, lawyer Julia Gudari, to take charge of the investigation. Julia shortly finds out that the police have tried to erase all traces of the case. She does not find any answers at the Embassy of Chile either. JULIA finds out that the Chilean citizen is a biochemical engineer who worked secretly for Pinochet, who was convinced he would be able to "gas Buenos Aires with chemical weapons".

Julia starts to unravel a dark story which involves her directly, as both her father, General Gudari, and her brother, Ivan, are part of the alliance and will do everything they can to keep Julia away from the truth.


Festival de Biarritz 2007 / France:
Audience Award

Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano 2007 / Cuba:
Best Actress, Best Screenplay & SIGNIS-Award

International Film and Television Festival 2008 / Columbia:
Best Actress in a Supporting Role & Special Jury Award

Festival de Films Ibero-Latinoamericains de Montreal 2008 / Canada:
Audience Award "Festivalíssimo"

Muestra de Cine Latinoamericano de Lleida 2008 / Spain:
Best Screenplay