The Forgotten

D: Driss Deiback
P: SUR Films / ZIP Films / UTOPIC TV: Soread-2M (Morocco) / TVE (Spain) / TV3 (TV Catalonia)
supported by the MEDIA program of the European Union
2006 · L: 80 min. cinema version / 52 min. version for TV
Documentary Film

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World Premiere: 51 Semana Internacional de Cine de Valladolid 2006
The untold story of almost 100.000 muslim soldiers from Morocco who fought in the Spanish Civil War, and without whom Franco would have never won the war. The film traces a line from the historical events of 1930's Spain and before to the contemporary escalation of the clash of cultures.


CINESPA√ĎA Toulouse Spanish Film Festival 2007 / France:
Best Documentary

Festival Cine Pamplona 2007 / Spain:
Best Documentary

El Ojo Cojo International Film Festival 2007 / Spain:
Best Film

Memorimage, Film & Tv International Festival 2007 / Spain:
Best Director

Festival de Ourense 2007 / Spain:
Best Director