I am Winnetou

A: Udo Alberts / Detlef Ziegert
P: SUR Films / UmWeltFilm, MDR
1996 / 1997 · L: 30 min
Documentary Film

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Winnetou lives on: Winnetou and Old Shatterhand are genuine screen heroes. Pictures and figures for which Karl May supplied the literary basis. While the uncivilized savage still makes life difficult for the noble settlers in Hollywood westerns, German feature films place the focus on the "good” Indian – and the reason for this has to do with Karl May.
Down to today French actor Pierre Brice has placed his stamp on the Winnetou image. Germany's best-known Indian continues to ride. We visit him during shooting near Granada in Spain. "Winnetou’s Return", the title of the new film, portrays this chief as a wise man who has become old and stands up for what is right, what is morally good.