License Number One

D: Matilde Michanié
P: SUR Films, Morocha Films, Yaguareté Films
supported by nordmedia, Guazú Media, INCAA
2008 · L: 80 min.
Documentary Film

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World Premiere: Buenos Aires International Filmfestival April 2008
Women's boxing… glamour, glitter, money. Despite the 200-year history, little is known about the work and motivation of the protagonists. A story both varied and exciting. Marcela Acuña is "La Tigresa". She fought against public opinion and institutions to obtain the first Argentinean license as a professional female boxer, license no. 1. After growing up in one of the poorest regions in inland Argentina, she lived out her dream: the title as world champion.
International personalities like legendary Barbara Buttrick or the great Regina Halmich and Marcela's story unveil an exciting drama like a boxing match.

Director's note I feel an extremely close personal relationship to those who are ready to fight for their dreams, overcome social barriers and cross boundaries.
Women's boxing and in particular the life of La Tigresa tell a tale of overstepping established social rules, and in her case it is a successful overstepping.
What happens to my heroine is similar to the experience of millions of women everywhere in the world, north and south, in their own private "boxing rings".