Here Music is King!

D: Gaby Lingke
P: SUR Films in coproduction with LWL and FWU
2009 · L: 20 min.
Children‘s documentary

Sales TV (including german speaking) and international : SUR Films
Sales DVD non-commercial rights & school for german speaking: FWU
Sales DVD non-commercial rights & school for North Rhine-Westphalia: LWL Medienzentrum für Westfalen

The film “Here Music is King!”:
Eight-year-old Pauline practices on her violin, Sumeyra chose the baglama to make music and twins Tim and Lars have always wanted to be able to play a wind instrument. The primary school children in Germany‘s biggest federal state, North Rhine-Westphalia, can now intensively preoccupy themselves with an instrument of their choice for four years. The new trailblazing program “JeKi” (which in German stands for “an instrument for every child”) offers them this opportunity. The young protagonists report on school lessons with the chosen instrument, rehearsals together and the first big concert – with their first big case of stage fright, of course. They recount their life with music in a refreshing and lively manner:
“… without music something is missing!” (Alexander, 8).

The DVD “Here Music is King! – Discovering the World of Instruments” begins with the original film and additionally offers a lot more: short films, such as on the making of a trumpet, and interactive games that further develop musical skills and extend knowledge about the musical instruments shown. Original working materials, background information and instructions on use make the DVD a medium with a variety of possible applications, also for lessons.