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On TV in Uruguay
Our documentary „Trazos familiares (Familyfeelings)“ is broadcasted at prime time on public TV in Uruguay. Appropriate for the occasion of the annual "Marcha del Silencio 2020" in memory of all the victims of the military dictatorship.

Our new coproduction „Trazos familiares“ (Familyfeelings)
Our new coproduction „Trazos familiares“ (Familyfeelings) by
José Pedro Charlo will have a very special premiere in Europe:
  • Pamplona – 27.05.2019 (Filmoteca de Navarra)
  • Barcelona – 31.05.2019 (Cinema Girona)
  • Malmö – 2.06.2019 (Cinemateca Malmö)
  • Kopenhagen – 4.06.2019 (Casa Latinoamericana)
  • Stockholm – 7.06.2019 (Zita Folkets Bio)
  • Oslo – 11.06.2019 (Chateu Neuf)
  • Wien – 16.06.2019 (TOP Kino)
  • Rom – 20.06.2019 (AAMOD: Sala Zavattini)
  • Paris – 24.06.2019 (Maison L’Amerique Latine)
  • Helsinki – 24.10.2019 (Cinemaissí)

Cinema Release in Argentina
Our coproduction with Uruguay, Argentina and México is released today in 8 different cinemas in Argentina: “Rambleras” by Daniela Speranza. The seaside promenade in Montevideo is the setting for three women struggling with life's ups-and-downs as they search for happiness.

On TV in Morocco
Our documentary "The Forgotten" ("Los Perdedores") is broadcasted in Morocco the 13th of January 2013 by the channel 2M. More information see .
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Cinema Release in Buenos Aires
"The circle" (El circulo) is released in Buenos Aires, Agentina. From the 25th of the running month on in the cinemas Salan Arte Cinema and BAMA.

Congratulations to our director of "The circle", José Pedro Charlo from Uruguay. With his brand new 73 min documentary "El Almanace" (The calendar) he won the ZAPATA award for the best documentary during the 6th Festival de la Memoria - Documental Iberoamericano, Aug 17th - 26th 2012, Mexico.

Public Viewing
The Beethovenfestival Bonn 2012 - Sept 7th to Oct 7th - invites to a Public Viewing.
You can see parts from our movie "The Ninth" ("Die Neunte") by Pierre-Henry
Salfati. The DVD including 10 languages is still available.

Cine Mexicano
SUR Films and Instituto Cervantes presented in Hamburg over the year 2011 some of the best actual movies from Mexico. Partner: IMCINE/Mexico and Cinema Metropolis/Hamburg. Movies: "Francisca" by Eva López-Sánchez, "Hasta el último trago, coracón" by Beto Gómez, "Quemar las naves" by Francisco FRanco, "Siete soles" by Pedro Ultreras, "Más que nada en el mundo" by Andrés León Becker & Javier Solar, "Viaje redondo" by Gerardo Tort.

"The Circle" on DVD
The award-winning documentary The Circle (D: José Pedro Charlo & Aldo Garay) will be available on DVD soon!

Dear Fidel – on TV
Watch on TV: the famous documentary thriller by director Wilfried Huismann about Marita Lorenz from Bremen/Germany and her love affair with Fidel Castro: jan 10th at 10:25 p.m. (3Sat).

An instrument for every child – Bremen Cinema Premiere
The cinema documentary will be shown in Bremen in the “Cinema Ostertor” on the 3rd of December 2010 at 5:30 p.m.
An introduction will be presented by the Federal Government Minister for Culture and the Media Mr. Bernd Neumann.

An instrument for every child - Great Cinema Premiere Tour
2nd to 10th of June 2010
We wanted to bring the images and pictures back to where they were given to us. A wonderful and successful premiere tour in 6 cinemas of the Ruhr Destrict.

Find infos and fotos on

Premiere tour of “An Instrument for every child”
The tour of the new cinema documentary takes place in the Ruhr Destrict in early june, in cooperation with RUHR.2010 (European Capital of Culture).
The World Premiere will be held in Herne (Kinowelt) on the 2nd of june. For more information please visit
Date of the german cinema release is the 1st of july 2010.

"The Circle" wins Audience Award in Sydney
At the Sydney Latin American Film Festival „The Circle“ wins the Audience Award for the Best Documentary.

Film premiere and dvd release of “Here Music is King! – Discovering the World of Instruments”
The premiere took place on September 8th in the art museum in Bochum. Detlef Ziegert representing SUR Films and Dr. Markus Köster representing LWL Medienzentrum für Westfalen expressed special thanks to all the children, parents and teachers, who helped the director Gaby Lingke so enthusiastically. The content of film and dvd can be found on the SUR Films site.

SUR Films starts “Ciclo de Cine Chileno” in Bremen and Hamburg
In cooperation with Instituto Cervantes SUR Films starts a new festival – the “Ciclo de Cine Chileno”. Every month in 2009 a new Chilean film. Directors, actors and other prominent guests will be invited. First exhibition: may 13th in Bremen

Awarded with First Prize: “The Circle”
At the Festival de Málaga (apr 17th – 25th) in Spain our co-production „The Circle“ wins the award for the Best Documentary - the Biznaga de Plata. The trophy was received by director Aldo Garay.

Website “An instrument for every child – the movie”
We’d like to announce the new website There you find continuous information during the production of our cinema documentary.

"License Number One"
Our documentary by director Matilde Michanié has its German Festival-Premiere at the Filmfestival “Cine Latino” on April 25th 2009.

First DVD release “Dear Fidel” in Germany
The dvd of the internationally successful documentary “Dear Fidel – Marita’s Story” has been released commercially on March 19th 2009.

“The Circle” wins three awards in Cuba
At the Festival Documental Santiago Alvarez in Santiago de Cuba „The Circle“ wins the award for the Best Film, the Best Director and the Best Screenplay.

The shooting for “An Instrument for Every Child – the film” has started
SUR Films has started with the shooting of “An Instrument for Every Child – the Film” in Bochum North Rhine-Westphalia / Germany.

“Kill Them All” goes for an Oscar
Uruguay presents “Kill Them All” as official nomination for the next Oscar in the category Best Film in a foreign Language.

"Kill Them All" wins another award in Lleida
At the festival Muestra de Cine Latinoamericano de Lleida "Kill Them All" wins the award for the best screenplay. Meanwhile the feature film has won various important awards, like...

Stuttgarter Nachrichten:
"Der Film ist spannend wie ein Triller. Er macht schaudern. Insbesondere vor dem Hintergrund der derzeitigen Menschenrechtsverletzungen in Tibet und mit dem Wissen, dass auch heute noch in Ländern wie Uruguay oder Chile die Aufklärung von Verbrechen verhindert wird, die unter den jeweiligen Militärdiktaturen verübt wurden." (2008-04-17)

World Premiere "License Number One"
After nearly 4 years of production the documentary by Matilde Michanié has its world premiere in Buenos Aires on the Buenos Aires Festival de Cine Independiente (BAFICI).

World Premiere "The Circle"
This new documentary by José Pedro Charlo and Aldo Garay has its world premiere in Buenos Aires on the Buenos Aires Festival de Cine Independiente (BAFICI) 2008.

"Kill Them All" is opening movie on CineLatino
The feature film "Kill Them All" will be the opening movie for the CineLatino 2008 in Tübingen, introduced by the director Esteban Schroeder himself.

"The Forgotten" cinema release in Germany
The documentary starts in German cinemas on the 22nd of january 2008. In cooperation with Instituto Cervantes the opening tour comes to Bremen, Hamburg, Munich and Berlin. Special guest is the Spanish author and journalist José María Ridao.

Deutschlandradio: "Ein hochspannender Inhalt."

El Pais (Spain): "The Forgotten: los Perdedores"
"un buen ejemplo de investigación documental"