D: Eva López Sánchez
P: SUR Films / Producciones Odeón (México) / José Maria Lara P.C. (Spain)
supported by Filmstiftung NRW, BIA Bremer Innovations Agentur, Fondo Ibermedia, Estado de Veracruz
2002 · L: 85 min
Feature Film

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World Premiere: Berlin Film Festival 2002
An ex informant for the East German Stasi flees from his past to Mexico where he meets love, destiny and revenge.
The story of those who made the 1968 student movement mingles with their errors, treason, and their ideals in a setting where the only thing that remains immaculate is impunity.
Mexico City, the University, small villages in the countryside, clandestine survival, government offices and automobiles belonging to regime-hired snipers, itinerant circus wrestler troupes and territories of local caciques are the places for the encounters and falling outs of a story driven by fate and destiny.