Family Feelings
(Org. Trazos familiares)

A: José Pedro Charlo
D: José Pedro Charlo
P: SUR Films in coproduction with Guazú Media
Development supported by MEDIA, Programa Ibermedia, ICAU
2017 · L: 72 min
Feature Length Documentary

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December 1983. A plane carrying 154 young boys and girls, the children of Uruguayan exiles, crosses the Atlantic. They have been away from their country for years. The flight is loaded with hope and uncertainty. The children are ambassadors of exile. They come from different places in Europe: Spain, Italy, Holland, France, Sweden, Austria and Germany. Over thirty years later the main roles are played by the characters of that first flight in a story that connects two eras and three generations.

How many stories can be triggered off by a single image? The director’s attention is drawn to two names on a banner in a photo from 1983. It mentions the names of two children who are over 40 years old today and whose parents were part of a generation of young militants. The Uruguayan dictatorship (1973 – 1985) was a time of prison, disappearances and exile for these young people and their families. Caught in this new repressive reality or dispersed across different regions of the world, a new generation grew up with its own identity and outlook. Parents and children appear in a tale that intertwines exile, family and politics. There is the past and present, reality and utopia.