D: Daniel Calparsoro
P: José María Lara (Spain) / SUR Films / Albares Production (France)
supported by Euroimages
2000 · L: 90 min
Feature Film

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World Premiere: Panorama ( Berlin Film Festival)
A dark, urban adventure which tells the story of Lucía, who sees herself as something of an expert in the art of living, and tow men of the same age named Charly and Chino. Their relationship is something of an eternal triangle, for Lucía likes the two blokes just as much as they like each other -and vice versa. All three dome from middle-class backgrounds. Here are three bored young people without any clear aims in life, who regard crime as a more authentic way of living. "Euro trash" is how they confidently describe what they are and how they feel. One day, one of their crimes tears them apart.