An instrument for every child
(Jedem Kind ein Instrument - Ein Jahr Mit Vier Tönen)

D: Oliver Rauch
P: SUR Films in coproduction with WDR and cine plus
support by Filmstiftung NRW, FFA, DFFF
2010 · L: 90 min
Cinema-documentary film
Cinema-release german speaking: Real Fiction

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An incredible and ambitious project, the motto itself explains the idea: an instrument for all the over 200 000 primary children in the biggest state of Germany, to become familiar with the world of instruments, to learn about the power of music. This new and courageous step in cultural education is already discussed all over Germany. We remember the great Yehudi Menuhin, who came to the conclusion, that without music there would be no real social harmony and no positive relation to nature.

The documentary accompanies this ambitious project and it’s step by step development. Exciting but with an uncertain outcome.